Dallas Cowboys suffer a narrow 22-20 loss to the Miami Dolphins, extending their road struggles.

It's their first losing streak of the 2023 NFL season, with a disappointing 3-5 road record.

Coach Mike McCarthy frustrated by execution errors, including a costly fumble and facemask penalty.

Despite setbacks, Dak Prescott leads a crucial fourth-quarter touchdown drive under pressure.

The Cowboys' defense impressively limits the league's top-scoring Dolphins to one touchdown and five field goals.

However, a crucial defensive stop eludes them, leading to the Dolphins' game-winning field goal.

Cowboys set to face the Detroit Lions and Washington Commanders in final regular-season games.

They've secured a playoff berth and are in the running for the NFC East title, keeping fans excited.

Detroit Lions clinch NFC North title and playoff spot, while the Miami Dolphins secure a playoff berth with their win.