Kardashian Kraziness Continues: Brace yourselves, because the Kardashians are hitting Hulu again in spring 2024 for season five!

All five sisters are back, with Kourtney's pregnancy stealing the spotlight this time.

Season four ended with Kim's acting debut and Kourtney pushing for family therapy to tackle deep-rooted issues.

Kourtney's push for therapy pays off as Kris Jenner embraces the idea of healing generational wounds.

Fans are itching to see Kourtney's journey to motherhood with husband Travis Barker unfold on screen.

Kourtney prioritizes her blended family over the Kardashian-Jenner clan, signaling major lifestyle changes.

Kourtney sets boundaries and redefines her work-life balance, paving the way for personal growth.

Kris Jenner reflects on realizing not everyone shares her go-getter mentality and respects Kourtney's choices.

Curious about what else is coming? Stay tuned to see which shows are making a comeback and which ones got the boot in 2024!