Kourtney Kardashian, 45, embraces attachment parenting, prioritizing emotional closeness and physical bonding with her children.

She creates a nurturing environment at home, dedicating her time to caring for her baby, Rocky.

Kourtney follows practices like not leaving the house for 40 days after childbirth, allowing her body to heal.

Attachment parenting faces criticism for potentially creating overdependent children and stressed parents.

Kim Kardashian wishes she could be stricter like sister Khloé, highlighting different parenting approaches.

Kourtney’s attachment style came naturally; she co-slept with her son Mason and breastfed for 14 months.

The goal is secure emotional connections that benefit children’s future relationships.

She didn’t plan attachment parenting but found it instinctive and rewarding.

Kourtney co-slept with Mason until age seven and continued with daughter Penelope.