Lunar New Year Festivities: Celebrate the Spring Festival with traditions spanning two weeks, involving family gatherings, red envelopes, and delicious symbolic foods.

Meet the Wood Dragon: This year's zodiac animal, the Wood Dragon, promises vibrant energy and encourages trying new ventures and embracing confidence.

Symbolic Dishes: Dive into Lunar New Year feasts with noodles, spicy options, and long green beans symbolizing longevity.

Zodiac Predictions: Explore your year ahead based on your Chinese zodiac sign, from career opportunities for Rats to introspection for Snakes.

Rat: Expand your social network and start new projects.

Ox: Embrace new friendships and add fun to your routine.

Tiger: Focus and adapt to have a successful year.

Rabbit: Take smart risks for career growth and rewards.

Dragon: Tap into creativity but exercise caution to avoid clouded judgment.