Brazil and Paraguay, locked in an epic tango of destiny, collide at the dazzling Allegiant Stadium!

• Shocking history reveals a dance of five victories, one upset, and six heart-stopping draws!

• Brazil, the fallen giants, stumble into battle with a measly point, while Paraguay lurks in the shadows!

• Enter Endrick, the 17-year-old wunderkind with lightning in his left foot!

• Rodrygo, the human tornado, ready to leave defenders in a dizzying spiral!

• Paraguay's secret weapon: Miguel Almirón, the visionary maestro orchestrating chaos on the pitch!

• Kaku emerges from the sands of Al Ain FC, wielding goals and assists like a desert mirage!

• Julio Enciso, the pocket rocket from Brighton, threatens to ignite the paraguayan rebellion!

• Will Brazil reclaim their crown, or will Paraguay script the ultimate Cinderella story? The world watches with bated breath!