Beloved "Arrested Development" and "Roseanne" star Martin Mull passed away after a brave fight against a long illness, announced daughter Maggie Mull.

Guitarist, painter, and actor, Mull gained fame in "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" and "Fernwood Tonight."

Born in Chicago, Mull's journey spanned Ohio, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Rome before he dazzled Hollywood with his unique comedy.

Performing at the Roxy, Mull caught Norman Lear's eye, landing a role in "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" and later his own show, "Fernwood Tonight."

Mull's unforgettable performances in "Mr. Mom," "Clue," and "A History of White People in America" solidified his status as a cult classic star.

Collaborating with Fred Willard, Mull starred in iconic shows "Fernwood Tonight" and "America 2 Night," leaving audiences in stitches.

Substituting for Johnny Carson on "The Tonight Show," Mull's versatility shone. His role in "Arrested Development" earned him an Emmy nomination.

Jennifer Tilly and Paul Feig remembered Mull as a witty, kind legend who influenced countless comedians and directors.

Maggie Mull highlighted her father's exceptional ability to touch lives, earning love and respect from family, friends, and dogs alike.